The list below shows the professions/occupations that are regulated in Denmark and are covered by the EU Professional Qualifications Directive. In addition, some regulated professions are governed by special rules, mainly in the fields of transport, justice and policing.


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For each profession, we link to Business in Denmark (Danish Business Authority). Here, the responsible authority explains how you can be approved to work on a permanent basis. For some professions, there is also a link to a page about declaring yourself as a temporary service provider from an EU/EEA country.

Working on a permanent basis – Business in Denmark websiteEU/EEA temporary service provider – Business in Denmark websiteName of profession in Danish
Appointed Building Expert Appointed Building Expert Beskikket bygningssagkyndig
Asbestos removal Asbestnedrivning
Audiology and hearing aid fitting Audiology and hearing aid fitting Audiometri og høreapparattilpasning
Authorised Manure Tank Inspector Authorised Manure Tank Inspector Autoriseret gyllebeholderkontrollant
Authorised Psychologist Authorised Psychologist Autoriseret psykolog
Authorised refrigeration technician (category II) Autoriseret køletekniker (kategori II)
Authorized Veterinary Nurse Authorized Veterinary Nurse Autoriseret veterinærsygeplejerske
Boiler Attendant Kedelpasser
Building Site Coordinator Sikkerhedskoordinator på byggepladser
Cable Installer Kabelmontør
Cattle Inseminator Cattle Inseminator Kvæginseminør
Certified Fire Safety Consultant Certified Fire Safety Consultant Certificeret brandrådgiver
Certified Structural Engineer Certified Structural Engineer Certificeret statiker
Chief Engineer (on fishing vessel) Maskinchef i fiskeskibe
Chimney Sweeper Chimney Sweeper Skorstensfejer
Chiropodist Chiropodist Fodterapeut
Chiropractor Chiropractor Kiropraktor
Clinical Dental Technician Clinical Dental Technician Klinisk tandtekniker
Clinical Dietician Clinical Dietician Klinisk diætist
Commercial Diving Commercial Diving Erhvervsdykker
Crane Driver Kranfører
Cultivation of genetically modified crops Cultivation of genetically modified crops Dyrker af genetisk modificerede afgrøder
Dental Hygienist Dental Hygienist Tandplejer
Dentist Dentist Tandlæge
Doorman employed by a licensed establishment Doorman employed by a licensed establishment Dørmand i virksomheder med alkoholbevilling
Driving Instructor Kørelærer
Employment at landfill sites as operator or staff Employment at landfill sites as operator or staff Ansat på deponeringsanlæg
EMT – Emergency Medical Technician EMT – Emergency Medical Technician Ambulancebehandler
Energy Consultant Energy Consultant Energikonsulent
Environmental noise measurements and predictions Environmental noise measurements and predictions Støjmålinger og -beregninger